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The Site

Following extensive public consultation on the vision for the site in Summer 2018, Taylor Wimpey and Homes England have prepared a draft Masterplan for the neighbourhood.


The final Masterplan, once approved, will act as a blueprint for development as the site is delivered by setting out where the new homes, services and infrastructure will be established. You can download the draft Masterplan we are currently consulting on here.

You can have your say on the draft Masterplan by visiting the ‘Your Views’ page on this website. Here, you’ll be provided with a questionnaire, alongside all of the alternative ways you can provide comments. If you have any questions about the plans or the consultation, visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

In order to inform the draft Masterplan, a range of environmental considerations have been taken into account prepared by an experienced technical team, commissioned by Taylor Wimpey and Homes England.


The initial baseline reports produced to inform the masterplan process have been uploaded to this website so that any interested party can view this information.


It is proposed that a planning application for a residential led development on the part of the site allocated as a Major Site for Development in the adopted South Ribble Local Plan will be submitted in March 2019. The planning application will be accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The EIA will be submitted voluntarily and will contain both the baseline assessments and a suite of detailed technical assessments which will put forward mitigation measures where required to offset any significant environmental impacts. These mitigation measures will be proposed as part of the planning application.


An EIA Scoping Request was submitted to South Ribble Borough Council on 14th November 2018. The purpose of this exercise is to agree with the Local Planning Authority what the EIA should contain and what environmental assessments are required (the scope of the EIA). South Ribble Borough Council have 5 weeks to respond with the Scoping Opinion.


The EIA Scoping Request and baseline assessments undertaken to inform the preparation of the draft Masterplan can be downloaded by clicking the various documents below.


Noise surveys have been undertaken to predict the road and rail traffic noise levels in external amenity areas. The results show that it will be necessary to incorporate good acoustic design into the design for areas bordering the roads and this will therefore be adopted by those delivering homes on this site.

Ecology and trees

A Phase 1 Habitat Survey, Hedgerow Regulations Assessment and protected species surveys have been undertaken to identify any ecological constraints present on the site. No evidence of great crested newts, badgers or water voles was found during the surveys and the site is considered to be unsuitable for reptiles. The remainder of the site is considered to have low ecological value and, therefore there are significant opportunities to enhance the site for local wildlife. This enhancement will be achieved through the delivery of ‘biocorridors’ throughout. Furthermore, numerous trees within the site have been deemed of such quality that they should retain untouched. You can find out more about this within the Masterplan document.

Air Quality

The site is not located within close proximity to an Air Quality Management Area. As the proposed residential units are not located immediately adjacent to Penwortham Way, or 30m from the railway line, it is not expected that future residents will be exposed to elevated pollutant concentrations.


Heritage surveys have found that no Designated Heritage Assets located on the site. There are therefore no barriers to development identified which would preclude the site from being developed in line with planning policy requirements.

Flood Risk and Drainage

The site is in an area identified as having a ‘low’ probability of flooding on the Environment Agency Flood Data Map. With regards to drainage, restricted rates, attenuation volumes and points of connection will be proposed once the draft Masterplan has been developed further.


The Masterplan provides illustrations of the utilities on site. This includes a National Grid pipe line which runs along the northernmost part of the site and continues down Lords Land. A 10m buffer has been included from the pipeline within the Masterplan to prevent any damage or disruption from this pipe. Records obtained by other utility providers, such as Electricity North West, have also been used to inform the Masterplan.


Topographically, the site is relatively flat and it is unlikely that bulk earthworks will be required as part of the development. Furthermore, it is considered that site features encountered during the site walkover and findings from the desk-based study would not preclude the site’s future development.


Due to the restrictions for development underneath pylons, green spaces will be incorporated around the site’s pylons to break up and minimize the visual impact of these objects.